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Andrei Zhykharev

One day I was looking for a new job in my degree field. As a result, I chose Lineup from several options. Because, first of all, I really liked the personal qualities of Taras, the head of the company. And now I’ve been working here for 2.5 years. During this time, I have definitely grown professionally! And in many cases this is the merit of sales, thanks to which I have an opportunity to engage in such interesting projects. For example, I am currently designing a design system with a team from Denmark, and recently flew to visit them. They were very hospitable and the Danes have a great sense of humor. In general, I am very grateful for the friendly and warm relations with everyone with whom I have had and still have to work! For that matter, this is as it should be. Because in design, a good result often requires communication with the client, users, developers. No less with the design team. Therefore, softskills are important in our job.


I have many hobbies. And I do them solely for my own interest and pleasure, and very often aimlessly. Martial arts excite me and reload my head, even if nobody gives me a kick. In spots, my sensei believes that I am capable of defending the honor of our club and our country in international tournaments. At the last European Championship in traditional karate, which took place in Katowice, Poland, I managed to get gold and bronze medals. But these medals, awards and honors are absolutely unnecessary for me. In sports, for sure. But this is in line with the precepts of the old masters that the goal of true martial art is not sports results, but the improvement of character.